Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Love's Labour Lost: Killing trees is suicidal:Annual contribution of the 35000 trees: Rs 106000 Crores Lost!


35,000 trees to be cut for road widening

Gulbarga, Aug 20 ,2012 dhns:
 Nearly 35,000 trees will have to be felled to make way for widening of the 223-km long National Highway 218 that passes through Bijapur, Humnabad and Gulbarga, affecting the already thin forest cover in the region.

35000 trees of 1.25 meter diameter at breast height  on the NH218 means annual drinking water requirements of 21 million people forever! At Rs Ten per litre of drinking water this is Rs 106000 Cr worth of water lost at 0.34 specific gravity of the trees, from the local areas annually ad infinitum. Then you will need to bring water from a distant dam to quench this thirst at the cost of climate change caused by dam induced friction and heat and earthquakes at fractures  of the earth's crust. It was Mahatma Gandhi who had rich working background of holistic natural living who appreciated the cumulative effect of consumptive living in modern civilization in 1908 when he observed: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. Moorkhapaddhati! Desist!

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