Thursday, October 16, 2014

Relegate floods and droughts to history-Assam Floods September 2014

Assam flood toll rises to 42, 6 lakh affected
The flood situation in Assam remained serious with report of two more deaths today, taking the toll to 42.

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COMMENT BY rashokkumar
This season(July to September 2014) the peak all India daily rain was 19 mm/d
This amount of rain on the whole of India means 62464210000 cubicmeters/day(cbm/d).
This is a flood discharge every second of 722965.3935 cubicmeters per second( cumecs).
Additional forestation on whole of India at 40/kg/m^2 will disperse flood waters of
1522032.407 cumecs.
This is a flood discharge every second of 2.105263  times the
 extreme rain!
 Lets get together in people's cooperatives to relegate floods and droughts to history.
 See Reforest Mother Earth to Live!
 by googling.
The link:
Reforest Mother Earth to Live: Reforest Mother Earth to Live!
Water, droughts, and floods on the Indian subcontinent: The naturalecologies solution.

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MOEF must act NOW!

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