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Modern civilization is building more nuclear reactors on the Indian Peninsula: Threatened to extinction are the marine life around


"Referring to cooperation in the nuclear sector, Modi said both sides
have charted out an ambitious vision for nuclear energy of at least ten
more reactors and noted that they will have the highest standards of
safety in the world.

"It will also include manufacture of equipment and components in India.
This also supports our Make in India policy," he said.

The strategic vision document on nuclear cooperation said the two Sides
have decided to fast-track the implementation of agreed cooperation
projects for nuclear power plants.

"Both Sides will strive to complete the construction and commissioning
of not less than 12 units in the next two decades, in accordance with
the Agreement of 2008."

rashokkumar • 15 hours ago

For the next thirty years the nuke program will deliver negative energy to society outside the nuclear industry! See energy audit of the indian nuclear programme by Google Search(1). And also energy audit of nuclear fuel cycles for USA's(2). There is nothing more MAD than ignorance in action. 
Indian Government is busy throwing almost the whole of the teachings of the Gita overboard and will kill all life in the seas surrounding the Indian peninsula like the nuclear activities including Fukushima is wreaking on the oceans. Other parts of modern civilization(MC) are actively interconnected in bringing about the khudkushi(suicide) of MC.
The Health Audit of nukes is extinction(3). Governance of the nuclearised must accept responsibility for the unacceptable dangers of nukes even during so called normal operations. Following Gofman I have shown that the 400 nuclear reactors are causing 204000 cancer fatalities every year. Gofman(1990) has shown that during "normal" operations of the 400 nukes, with 99.9% containment of Caesium(Cs137) and 100% containment of all other radioactive inventory of the nuclear reactors of the world, the amount of Cs137 leak equals 16 Chernobyl accident releases of the element per 25 years of operation. This without blowing the top of a nuclear reactor!(4) 

India must see the truth and refuse to accept this going against the teachings of the Gita by this Government which calls for destructive development.
Mahatma Gandhi exclaimed in 1908 that Given enough time Modern Civilization will destroy itself.
Those who transgress this wheel of life are living for themselves and will be destroyed- The Gita(5).


    sa  in reply to rashokkumar • 14 hours ago

    Excellently summarized. When countries like Japan are weaning off from nuclear energy, the 'great leader' is enhancing quick self destruction.....



(4) John W. Gofman. 1990. Radiation-Induced Cancer from Low-Dose Exposure: An Independent Analysis. CNR Book Division. San Francisco. p 25-17. Available on-line
(5) Srimad Bhagavad-Gita. Swami Swarupananda. Advaita Ashrama. Kolkata 700014.


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Brahmaputra Dammed! Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai!

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Haiku on China//

Hasten the demise/
Modern Civilization's/
Dam Brahmaputra.//

Hasten climate change/
Attack even Himalay/
Nay even the sun.//

The sun's reaction/
Destroy all transmission lines/
Meltdown all the nukes.//

Modi's rhetoric/
Tunes in with Chinese PM's/
More dams India builds.//

More nukes India builds/
To be melted by the dams/
Indochin bhai bhai.//

The night of Brahma/
Dusks into nuclear winter/
Heralds Pralaya.

Indian people sleep/
Having voted to devlop/
Into destruction.//

Taking one look at/
Modern Civilization/
Gandhi said Suicide!.//

People of the world/
Change from kaliyuga now/
Reforest to live!

See all the essays at:

which brings out the way to meet water needs and transform modern civilization: 
Reforest Mother earth to Live!

Analysis of the Zangmu Dam on the Brahmaputra River 

in Tibet being built by China

See Table below:

From this Table we see that the power surge at the Zangmu dam foundation is some 224360 terawatts while entire electrical capacity of the world is about 6 terawatts.  This can create a sinkhole at the gravity dam base. The dam may collapse and all hell may break loose.  Dams like these and many more to come up on the Brahmaputra add up to the sum of the dam content changes acting at the center of gravity of the World’s dams and melt many nuclear reactors as happened at Three Mile Island(1979), Chernobyl(1986) and Fukushima(2011).

What implications that the world's dams pose for the Himalayas may be gauged from what happened at Kedarnath on 14th June 2013. And for India south of the Himalayas. Modern civilization with its society of specialists will destroy itself, as being seen on a daily basis.
In 1908, Mahatma Gandhi, seeing the specialists in action, remarked of the cumulative effects of the separate designs: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. The survival talisman is Return! Not Waste!

The Gita requires to be good in thought, word and deed,  thus asks us to be compassionate to beings. Modern civilization is not. 

The leaders in this world must heed the writing on the Himalayas.

Stop Modern civilization and the application of its development paradigm and embrace the normal.
For a hint on the normal way of life follow this principle of perfect design: transcending all is the Unknowable. Design a way of life  around it.
Hint from the Gita:
There is true knowledge, learn thou it is this:
To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the  separate, the One Inseparable.

And there is inadequate knowledge:

Seeing the separate existences apart, holding that to be true.

False knowledge:
To cling to one as if it were all, heedless of the hurt, heedless of the consequences,
narrow and dull and dark:  Each specialist clinging to his specialization, as if it were all, narrow and dull and dark!     

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Modern Civilization: Nuclear energy programs are useless actions. Stop this suicide.

Damaged Turbo-Generator At Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, 
Overhauled Before Grid Connection? 
By VT Padmanabhan, R Ramesh, V Pugazhendi & Joseph Makkolil

Two years before its grid connection, the Russian-made turbine was overhauled by a private contractor and this fact was kept as a guarded secret. In spite of the overhaul, KKNPP turbine failed within hours of grid connection and was responsible for five trips, which kept the reactor off-grid for 59 days. It could not be revived even after a two-month long maintenance during August- September 2014. Usually the first overhaul of a new turbine is done after completion of 5 to 10 years of work. The extreme damage of the turbine could have been due to the mal-functioning of vibration monitoring instrument made by a Russian company charged for selling counterfeit parts. Failure of instrumentation in other systems have the potential for catastrophic accidents
My comment: 

Let us put it bluntly: Make an honest attempt to avoid useless actions like terrestrial nuke programs. A 1000 MWe nuke after 10000 reactor years of operations will have delivered at 600 MWeyear/year 6 million MWeyears of electricity. Successive 100 year storages of nuclear wastes will require for their construction and maintenance for a million years of  storage at 6 MWyt/year all the energy that was delivered by this nuke! But as is happening at Fukushima Iodine 129 having a half life of 15.7 million years is being spilled into the Pacific ocean and the groundwaters. This iodine really requires a 100 million years of isolation from the biosphere! There is absolutely no energy to be available for use! Stop this menace now. Arjuna, are you not man enough to fight? You foolish rulers! Life is not due to your generosity; we are also not the timid ones. We will fight till the last drop of our blood to steer away from this mess created by modern civilization in a manner which prohibits violence. Be satisfied with that extraterrestrial wonder called the sun to drive a normal civilization through living beings including the forests and nature at its purest. Make return the bottom line of civilization. Asap establish a normal way of life.


Check out for the Eastern Honshu Japan Quake details at

The EMSC data on the quake and my analysis:

Briefly, the World’s dams applied a surge of 448287 terawatts  at the location of the quake, equivalent to a great earthquke seismic moment magnitude of 8.57 MM. The produced earthquake was only 6.2 MM(6.8 MM according to the enenews report sources). Thus the difference in energy is being released in other ways like the dynamics of more earthquakes due to this dam surge dynamics which continues as water consumption needs are being constantly met by the big instantaneous cumulative dam(reservoir) content changes of the world’s dams. Note that the combined electrical power capacity of the world is no more than just 6 terawatts!

Note that the dams are the root cause of the US snowstorms, the extremes of rain now in Kerala/Tamilnadu  because of the 2014 NE monsoon, the 6 MM earthquake in West Sichuan which killed a person and injured many and other daily destructive hits on the infrastructure of modern civilization and by modern civilization’s designs  which display glaring lacunae in meeting their goals. 
See this news report of the Japan quake:

And the China quake:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Modern Civilization: After Pavlof Volcano eruption, Snowstorms for second day in New York, Buffalo


Look at the World Rain for past seven days and sigh what else you can expect! The pressure gradient is great enough to cause a snowstorm to rip through North America from the Arctic(RIGHT CLICK TO  VIEW IN A SEPARATE TAB or paste the URL below on the address bar to view the whole image):

At the same time in Kerala, at the famous Thekkady Periyar Tiger Reserve, the Mullaperiyar Dam is about to topple rendering in Idukki, downstream residents to flee like rats. 

Modern Civilization's simultaneous cumulative instantaneous effects in the form of deadly surges of water moments caused a power surge of 1.75 million terawatts at Buffalo, creating snowfall of a year's average in just a week:

"The one-week snow totals for the Buffalo area was expected to approach the average snowfall for an entire year: close to 8 feet (2.4 meters)." from the Indian Express Report above. Again: "The storm struck Buffalo on a day when temperatures dropped to freezing or below in all 50 U.S. states."

To meet water needs dams are an unacceptable design, as they are slaves of gravity. Trees are the solution, acting as they do like giant pumps, forming an equitable atmospheric water distribution network in proportion to the dry biomass density of plants. They transpire their own weight of water in a day! Water then is recycled many times over keeping water afloat in dynamic use! Earthquakes and climate change become a part of herstory.
See this Table for Buffalo for the World's dams terror(Right Click to view in a separate tab or paste the URL below on the address bar to view the whole image):

Tuesday, November 18, 2014



The dams of the world together exerted a water pressure head surge of 261 million km at the center of gravity of the world’s reservoirs at 25.478,107.7279. This resulted in a water moment surge at the Pavlof Volcano with a power impulse surge of 1.1 million terawatts and it erupted spewing ash 30000 feet high into the skies forcing authorities to warn aircraft to keep off the volcano. What a mess modern civilization is creating while meeting water consumption demands with designs displaying a glaring lacuna. Dams can only take care of sudden water pressures by having a surge shaft. But huge system dynamics are ignored because of the false foundation on which modern civilization is built upon. Seeing the separate dams, they consider these do not collectively create disaster to modern civilization by the instantaneous sum total of their actions! Whereas a normal civilization built on the bedrock of truth bans dams! There is true knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate the one Inseparable. Rigid interconnected dynamics is recognized as the truth in the designs of normal civilization, that design goes by the name of the tree which is infinitely superior to surface water storage designs. See table below for the Pavlof disaster. 
Right click on the Table to view it in a separate tab. 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

When amending the land act let the bottom line be Harmony with Nature.

The Modi policy must be in harmony with nature. Otherwise the acceleration with which modern civilization(MC) is hurtling towards its complete destruction will speed up further. If you go blindly 'forward', you will be bowled neck and crop. Heed the words of the Gita at every step: From food creatures become, food comes from rain, rain from return and forests, return and forests from action, action from Brahma, Brahma from the One unknowable; therefore Brahma is ever present in return and forests. Those who disregard this wheel of life are living for themselves and will be destroyed. And in your plans and implementation, keep the prophecy of Vyasa in mind: In this Kaliyuga, MC will kill 5 billion or more people and the remaining will perforce follow the maxim of the coming Kritayuga: Truth. Modi and policy makers are following MC whose maxim is falsehood: To see the separate existences apart and seeing them apart to hold that to be true. So you are mining the earth to high glory and make things you dare not expose to the biosphere and in the process the paltry employment you are creating will continue the Jobless no growth. Solution: Reforest, not go ahead with useless actions like creating infrastructure in preference to what existed before like pasture lands, forests even without taking environmental clearance like what Jaitley said: We will implement the changes to the land act even if there is no consensus. See what DRDO, BARC, Indian Institute of Science,ISRO and a private organ are doing to the Amrit Mahal Kavals grossly illegally and unconstitutionally(3). At another time and place,Sakharov and Kurchatov tried in the Soviet Union to stop surface,atmospheric and underwater nuclear weapons tests putting forth vital reasons to the ruler(Krushchev) in 1958 and failed to get support(1). The West did not accept earlier the unilateral test ban by the Soviets in 1958 and went ahead with 50 tests of megaton nuclear weapons and thus they caused MC's biggest all time crime: progressive genetic damage of the gene pool of 6 billion humans which took a heavy toll of 23 million infant mortality in India alone from 1945 to 1999(2). Therefore Modi, whenever you take a step, which cannot be reversed, learn the lesson from the Gita and Gandhi and then proceed to clean up and deliver.

1. Andrei Sakharov.1990. Memoirs. Translated from the Russian by Richard Lourie. Vintage Books.
pp 197-209: Nonthreshold Biological Effects.

2. R. Ashok Kumar.2008. The Unacceptable Dangers of Nuclear Energy.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Change Climate for the better by preserving forests,ecological reforestation and abandoning modern civilization


Put the wastes of coal plants in abandoned mines. Stop them all in
phases. Mitigate their effects by converting them into total energy
plants as you phase them out.Increase tremendously the efficiency of end
use of energy until it becomes infinity by practicing production, use
and RETURN. Batteries made by modern brains cant be returned. Those made
by normal brains- by reproduction- are in built and our bodies are
accepted by Mother Earth seamlessly.
After decades of nukes, you cant put their wastes but in steel canisters
and maintain them and after successive hundred years put these wastes in
new steel canisters and repeat their maintenance.In the process use up
all the energy produced by the nukes just for storage and maintenance of
the n-wastes which last for a million to a hundred million years.Stand
in front of a coal fired station and see it explode and the world is not
contaminated. Now do the same in front of a Fukushima n-plant and see it
explode, its cores melt and ruin the planet.With the help of suicidal
modern civilization.
If I can have a timeless authorless brain why not you?
Discard modern civilization of mining indiscriminately and creating a
destructive economy in place of nature. Instead outsource energy
production to the familiar extraterrestrial source the sun. Capture this
energy through living beings, whose maxim of living is "everything is
for eating". You create a way -a normal way of living- where production,
consumption aand return is the law. In such a system of enjoyment of the
use of living energy, every being has evolved to live in health.The rule
of living is simple and had been practiced for millennia:
From food creatures become; food comes from rain; rain from return;
return from action; action from the all embracing integrality of nature;
And nature from the one unknowable: Know thou that the principle of
perfect design is Transcending all is the Unknowable."Imitate nature
beyond understanding."
There is true knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives;in
the separate, the one inseparable. This was and is the basis of a normal
way of life which was replaced by force by the arrogance of imperialism
of the Disraeli variety which destroyed forests in Great Britain in the
16th century and laid waste to the forests of India and saw to it that
the essence of the Gita on which India based its normal way of life was
lost to its people. And they usurped the commons on which the forests
and their people lived and the brainless modern civilization(MC) held
its sway. The brainless is still in the process of destroying life by
way of the self destructive MC. The hall mark of MC is there is no
better way than to mine and loot the earth. And create a parallel
economy based on falsehood: To see the separate existences apart(like
iron) and seeing them apart to hold that to be true. So mine coal,
calcium carbonate, uranium, cobalt and what not. Destroy forests and
create dams which are killing MC by applying surge waves of water
pressure of hundreds of millions of kilometers at their center of
gravity and cause surges of millions of terawatts of impulsive power to
overwhelm MC like exploding Fukushima by a great earthquake and tsunami,
like hurtling Hudhud into Vishakapatnam and causing its ruin, like
churning the seas and oceans by its millions of terawatts and causing
all the absorbed carbon di oxide to escape back into the
atmosphere....Finally the moral of the story is the brain evolves from
the brainless to the brainy to the brainless in cycles of 4.32 billion
years- We are now hurtling to the 4.32 billion years of the dark nights
until again we are again born and evolve! With the help of some very
brainy brains in our midst.

Come march you brainy brains again in the direction of the wondrous
negentropic way! The sunny way through forests recreated ecologically by

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Sri Lanka Get this: See the effect of deforestation for a cup of tea and reforest !


Tea in Central Sri Lanka-high altitude and rainfall ideal for the plant. Yes, but the replacement of broad leaved hill forests by less dense tea crop is ideal for the soil to be eroded and contributes to landslides. But this is now given a critical gigantic push by the combined power of the reservoir contents of the world and the simultaneous, instantaneous,cumulative effect of the changes in the  world's reservoir contents. This is of the order of 250 billion cubic meters at any instant driven by the water consumption needs of the entire world. When the landslide is about to occur, the entire brunt of this change is suddenly applied as a surge of some 560000 terawatts as if a great earthquake of magnitude 8.6 MM(moment magnitude) had occurred there. The power impulse was more than 2 million times the All-India electrical capacity of a quarter terawatts! A terawatt is a thousand billion watts, the rate at which 6 billion human beings do heavy work for a short time. The moral from this repeatedly applied blows on modern civilization(MC) is clear. MC is making khudkushi(suicide). This kind of growth oriented development breeds only insolvency and extinction. Go normal. Live in harmony with nature. To cut off dense forests on steep hillsides to enjoy a cup of tea is to be buried in terrific earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides. Reforest Mother Earth to Live!

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Relegate floods and droughts to history-Assam Floods September 2014

Assam flood toll rises to 42, 6 lakh affected
The flood situation in Assam remained serious with report of two more deaths today, taking the toll to 42.

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COMMENT BY rashokkumar
This season(July to September 2014) the peak all India daily rain was 19 mm/d
This amount of rain on the whole of India means 62464210000 cubicmeters/day(cbm/d).
This is a flood discharge every second of 722965.3935 cubicmeters per second( cumecs).
Additional forestation on whole of India at 40/kg/m^2 will disperse flood waters of
1522032.407 cumecs.
This is a flood discharge every second of 2.105263  times the
 extreme rain!
 Lets get together in people's cooperatives to relegate floods and droughts to history.
 See Reforest Mother Earth to Live!
 by googling.
The link:
Reforest Mother Earth to Live: Reforest Mother Earth to Live!
Water, droughts, and floods on the Indian subcontinent: The naturalecologies solution.

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MOEF must act NOW!