Sunday, November 9, 2014

When amending the land act let the bottom line be Harmony with Nature.

The Modi policy must be in harmony with nature. Otherwise the acceleration with which modern civilization(MC) is hurtling towards its complete destruction will speed up further. If you go blindly 'forward', you will be bowled neck and crop. Heed the words of the Gita at every step: From food creatures become, food comes from rain, rain from return and forests, return and forests from action, action from Brahma, Brahma from the One unknowable; therefore Brahma is ever present in return and forests. Those who disregard this wheel of life are living for themselves and will be destroyed. And in your plans and implementation, keep the prophecy of Vyasa in mind: In this Kaliyuga, MC will kill 5 billion or more people and the remaining will perforce follow the maxim of the coming Kritayuga: Truth. Modi and policy makers are following MC whose maxim is falsehood: To see the separate existences apart and seeing them apart to hold that to be true. So you are mining the earth to high glory and make things you dare not expose to the biosphere and in the process the paltry employment you are creating will continue the Jobless no growth. Solution: Reforest, not go ahead with useless actions like creating infrastructure in preference to what existed before like pasture lands, forests even without taking environmental clearance like what Jaitley said: We will implement the changes to the land act even if there is no consensus. See what DRDO, BARC, Indian Institute of Science,ISRO and a private organ are doing to the Amrit Mahal Kavals grossly illegally and unconstitutionally(3). At another time and place,Sakharov and Kurchatov tried in the Soviet Union to stop surface,atmospheric and underwater nuclear weapons tests putting forth vital reasons to the ruler(Krushchev) in 1958 and failed to get support(1). The West did not accept earlier the unilateral test ban by the Soviets in 1958 and went ahead with 50 tests of megaton nuclear weapons and thus they caused MC's biggest all time crime: progressive genetic damage of the gene pool of 6 billion humans which took a heavy toll of 23 million infant mortality in India alone from 1945 to 1999(2). Therefore Modi, whenever you take a step, which cannot be reversed, learn the lesson from the Gita and Gandhi and then proceed to clean up and deliver.

1. Andrei Sakharov.1990. Memoirs. Translated from the Russian by Richard Lourie. Vintage Books.
pp 197-209: Nonthreshold Biological Effects.

2. R. Ashok Kumar.2008. The Unacceptable Dangers of Nuclear Energy.


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