Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Change Climate for the better by preserving forests,ecological reforestation and abandoning modern civilization


Put the wastes of coal plants in abandoned mines. Stop them all in
phases. Mitigate their effects by converting them into total energy
plants as you phase them out.Increase tremendously the efficiency of end
use of energy until it becomes infinity by practicing production, use
and RETURN. Batteries made by modern brains cant be returned. Those made
by normal brains- by reproduction- are in built and our bodies are
accepted by Mother Earth seamlessly.
After decades of nukes, you cant put their wastes but in steel canisters
and maintain them and after successive hundred years put these wastes in
new steel canisters and repeat their maintenance.In the process use up
all the energy produced by the nukes just for storage and maintenance of
the n-wastes which last for a million to a hundred million years.Stand
in front of a coal fired station and see it explode and the world is not
contaminated. Now do the same in front of a Fukushima n-plant and see it
explode, its cores melt and ruin the planet.With the help of suicidal
modern civilization.
If I can have a timeless authorless brain why not you?
Discard modern civilization of mining indiscriminately and creating a
destructive economy in place of nature. Instead outsource energy
production to the familiar extraterrestrial source the sun. Capture this
energy through living beings, whose maxim of living is "everything is
for eating". You create a way -a normal way of living- where production,
consumption aand return is the law. In such a system of enjoyment of the
use of living energy, every being has evolved to live in health.The rule
of living is simple and had been practiced for millennia:
From food creatures become; food comes from rain; rain from return;
return from action; action from the all embracing integrality of nature;
And nature from the one unknowable: Know thou that the principle of
perfect design is Transcending all is the Unknowable."Imitate nature
beyond understanding."
There is true knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives;in
the separate, the one inseparable. This was and is the basis of a normal
way of life which was replaced by force by the arrogance of imperialism
of the Disraeli variety which destroyed forests in Great Britain in the
16th century and laid waste to the forests of India and saw to it that
the essence of the Gita on which India based its normal way of life was
lost to its people. And they usurped the commons on which the forests
and their people lived and the brainless modern civilization(MC) held
its sway. The brainless is still in the process of destroying life by
way of the self destructive MC. The hall mark of MC is there is no
better way than to mine and loot the earth. And create a parallel
economy based on falsehood: To see the separate existences apart(like
iron) and seeing them apart to hold that to be true. So mine coal,
calcium carbonate, uranium, cobalt and what not. Destroy forests and
create dams which are killing MC by applying surge waves of water
pressure of hundreds of millions of kilometers at their center of
gravity and cause surges of millions of terawatts of impulsive power to
overwhelm MC like exploding Fukushima by a great earthquake and tsunami,
like hurtling Hudhud into Vishakapatnam and causing its ruin, like
churning the seas and oceans by its millions of terawatts and causing
all the absorbed carbon di oxide to escape back into the
atmosphere....Finally the moral of the story is the brain evolves from
the brainless to the brainy to the brainless in cycles of 4.32 billion
years- We are now hurtling to the 4.32 billion years of the dark nights
until again we are again born and evolve! With the help of some very
brainy brains in our midst.

Come march you brainy brains again in the direction of the wondrous
negentropic way! The sunny way through forests recreated ecologically by

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