Sunday, November 23, 2014

Modern Civilization: Nuclear energy programs are useless actions. Stop this suicide.

Damaged Turbo-Generator At Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, 
Overhauled Before Grid Connection? 
By VT Padmanabhan, R Ramesh, V Pugazhendi & Joseph Makkolil

Two years before its grid connection, the Russian-made turbine was overhauled by a private contractor and this fact was kept as a guarded secret. In spite of the overhaul, KKNPP turbine failed within hours of grid connection and was responsible for five trips, which kept the reactor off-grid for 59 days. It could not be revived even after a two-month long maintenance during August- September 2014. Usually the first overhaul of a new turbine is done after completion of 5 to 10 years of work. The extreme damage of the turbine could have been due to the mal-functioning of vibration monitoring instrument made by a Russian company charged for selling counterfeit parts. Failure of instrumentation in other systems have the potential for catastrophic accidents
My comment: 

Let us put it bluntly: Make an honest attempt to avoid useless actions like terrestrial nuke programs. A 1000 MWe nuke after 10000 reactor years of operations will have delivered at 600 MWeyear/year 6 million MWeyears of electricity. Successive 100 year storages of nuclear wastes will require for their construction and maintenance for a million years of  storage at 6 MWyt/year all the energy that was delivered by this nuke! But as is happening at Fukushima Iodine 129 having a half life of 15.7 million years is being spilled into the Pacific ocean and the groundwaters. This iodine really requires a 100 million years of isolation from the biosphere! There is absolutely no energy to be available for use! Stop this menace now. Arjuna, are you not man enough to fight? You foolish rulers! Life is not due to your generosity; we are also not the timid ones. We will fight till the last drop of our blood to steer away from this mess created by modern civilization in a manner which prohibits violence. Be satisfied with that extraterrestrial wonder called the sun to drive a normal civilization through living beings including the forests and nature at its purest. Make return the bottom line of civilization. Asap establish a normal way of life.

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