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Brahmaputra Dammed! Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai!

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Haiku on China//

Hasten the demise/
Modern Civilization's/
Dam Brahmaputra.//

Hasten climate change/
Attack even Himalay/
Nay even the sun.//

The sun's reaction/
Destroy all transmission lines/
Meltdown all the nukes.//

Modi's rhetoric/
Tunes in with Chinese PM's/
More dams India builds.//

More nukes India builds/
To be melted by the dams/
Indochin bhai bhai.//

The night of Brahma/
Dusks into nuclear winter/
Heralds Pralaya.

Indian people sleep/
Having voted to devlop/
Into destruction.//

Taking one look at/
Modern Civilization/
Gandhi said Suicide!.//

People of the world/
Change from kaliyuga now/
Reforest to live!

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Reforest Mother earth to Live!

Analysis of the Zangmu Dam on the Brahmaputra River 

in Tibet being built by China

See Table below:

From this Table we see that the power surge at the Zangmu dam foundation is some 224360 terawatts while entire electrical capacity of the world is about 6 terawatts.  This can create a sinkhole at the gravity dam base. The dam may collapse and all hell may break loose.  Dams like these and many more to come up on the Brahmaputra add up to the sum of the dam content changes acting at the center of gravity of the World’s dams and melt many nuclear reactors as happened at Three Mile Island(1979), Chernobyl(1986) and Fukushima(2011).

What implications that the world's dams pose for the Himalayas may be gauged from what happened at Kedarnath on 14th June 2013. And for India south of the Himalayas. Modern civilization with its society of specialists will destroy itself, as being seen on a daily basis.
In 1908, Mahatma Gandhi, seeing the specialists in action, remarked of the cumulative effects of the separate designs: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. The survival talisman is Return! Not Waste!

The Gita requires to be good in thought, word and deed,  thus asks us to be compassionate to beings. Modern civilization is not. 

The leaders in this world must heed the writing on the Himalayas.

Stop Modern civilization and the application of its development paradigm and embrace the normal.
For a hint on the normal way of life follow this principle of perfect design: transcending all is the Unknowable. Design a way of life  around it.
Hint from the Gita:
There is true knowledge, learn thou it is this:
To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the  separate, the One Inseparable.

And there is inadequate knowledge:

Seeing the separate existences apart, holding that to be true.

False knowledge:
To cling to one as if it were all, heedless of the hurt, heedless of the consequences,
narrow and dull and dark:  Each specialist clinging to his specialization, as if it were all, narrow and dull and dark!     

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