Saturday, November 22, 2014

Modern Civilization: After Pavlof Volcano eruption, Snowstorms for second day in New York, Buffalo


Look at the World Rain for past seven days and sigh what else you can expect! The pressure gradient is great enough to cause a snowstorm to rip through North America from the Arctic(RIGHT CLICK TO  VIEW IN A SEPARATE TAB or paste the URL below on the address bar to view the whole image):

At the same time in Kerala, at the famous Thekkady Periyar Tiger Reserve, the Mullaperiyar Dam is about to topple rendering in Idukki, downstream residents to flee like rats. 

Modern Civilization's simultaneous cumulative instantaneous effects in the form of deadly surges of water moments caused a power surge of 1.75 million terawatts at Buffalo, creating snowfall of a year's average in just a week:

"The one-week snow totals for the Buffalo area was expected to approach the average snowfall for an entire year: close to 8 feet (2.4 meters)." from the Indian Express Report above. Again: "The storm struck Buffalo on a day when temperatures dropped to freezing or below in all 50 U.S. states."

To meet water needs dams are an unacceptable design, as they are slaves of gravity. Trees are the solution, acting as they do like giant pumps, forming an equitable atmospheric water distribution network in proportion to the dry biomass density of plants. They transpire their own weight of water in a day! Water then is recycled many times over keeping water afloat in dynamic use! Earthquakes and climate change become a part of herstory.
See this Table for Buffalo for the World's dams terror(Right Click to view in a separate tab or paste the URL below on the address bar to view the whole image):

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