Thursday, December 11, 2014

Modern civilization is building more nuclear reactors on the Indian Peninsula: Threatened to extinction are the marine life around


"Referring to cooperation in the nuclear sector, Modi said both sides
have charted out an ambitious vision for nuclear energy of at least ten
more reactors and noted that they will have the highest standards of
safety in the world.

"It will also include manufacture of equipment and components in India.
This also supports our Make in India policy," he said.

The strategic vision document on nuclear cooperation said the two Sides
have decided to fast-track the implementation of agreed cooperation
projects for nuclear power plants.

"Both Sides will strive to complete the construction and commissioning
of not less than 12 units in the next two decades, in accordance with
the Agreement of 2008."

rashokkumar • 15 hours ago

For the next thirty years the nuke program will deliver negative energy to society outside the nuclear industry! See energy audit of the indian nuclear programme by Google Search(1). And also energy audit of nuclear fuel cycles for USA's(2). There is nothing more MAD than ignorance in action. 
Indian Government is busy throwing almost the whole of the teachings of the Gita overboard and will kill all life in the seas surrounding the Indian peninsula like the nuclear activities including Fukushima is wreaking on the oceans. Other parts of modern civilization(MC) are actively interconnected in bringing about the khudkushi(suicide) of MC.
The Health Audit of nukes is extinction(3). Governance of the nuclearised must accept responsibility for the unacceptable dangers of nukes even during so called normal operations. Following Gofman I have shown that the 400 nuclear reactors are causing 204000 cancer fatalities every year. Gofman(1990) has shown that during "normal" operations of the 400 nukes, with 99.9% containment of Caesium(Cs137) and 100% containment of all other radioactive inventory of the nuclear reactors of the world, the amount of Cs137 leak equals 16 Chernobyl accident releases of the element per 25 years of operation. This without blowing the top of a nuclear reactor!(4) 

India must see the truth and refuse to accept this going against the teachings of the Gita by this Government which calls for destructive development.
Mahatma Gandhi exclaimed in 1908 that Given enough time Modern Civilization will destroy itself.
Those who transgress this wheel of life are living for themselves and will be destroyed- The Gita(5).


    sa  in reply to rashokkumar • 14 hours ago

    Excellently summarized. When countries like Japan are weaning off from nuclear energy, the 'great leader' is enhancing quick self destruction.....



(4) John W. Gofman. 1990. Radiation-Induced Cancer from Low-Dose Exposure: An Independent Analysis. CNR Book Division. San Francisco. p 25-17. Available on-line
(5) Srimad Bhagavad-Gita. Swami Swarupananda. Advaita Ashrama. Kolkata 700014.


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